I like the Kaizen technique: small, tiny baby steps towards a goal. Little improvements pile up and lead to big wins. Compound interest.

  1. Kaizen helps with breaking down a problem: to do it the Kaizen way you have to find out what the next little step would be
  2. Kaizen battles stress and overwhelm: by focussing on only one tiny step, you can’t get overwhelmed
  3. Kaizen helps against perfectionism: by doing it one step at a time, you don’t have to self-critique yourself so much for the unicorn of perfection of the whole project
  4. Kaizen helps against fear: it’s most often hard to get started, because we project so much (“It is too hard”, “I don’t even know what to do next”, “I will never finish this big project”) - but by focussing on one tiny step, we make the task manageable

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