Here are some sweet Black Friday Deals.

  1. Wes Bos

    Wes Bos creates high-quality courses about JavaScript and React. Now all of those courses are on sale. I bought the FullStack Advanced React & GraphQL course.

    Wes glosses over some concepts, but overall the quality is quite high, and the course was well worth the money.

    Find an overview over all courses at

  2. Talk Python

    The Mega-Bundle Deal is $50 off: $149 for the whole course catalog.

    I went through the Python Jumpstart course. I was able to learn basic Python concepts in a practical manner by building little tools and even a simple game. The video quality was very good.

  3. Robin Wieruch

    Robin writes excellent articles about JavaScript and React on his website He currently offers a 50% discount on his courses/books.