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PPhoenix LiveView Primer

05/15/20191 Min Read — In Elixir, Phoenix

I can't help myself - I'm too enamored with Elixir and Phoenix. If you want to see what's so exciting about Phoenix's new features, check out the videos linked below by Dennis Beatty. He shows how to…

IImmutability in Elixir: Tuples and Lists

03/24/20191 Min Read — In Elixir

Let's talk about what I learned about immutability and Elixir today. This is from the book Elixir in Action, Second Edition by Saša Jurić. So far, the book has been a great tour of Elixir and its…

DDeveloping with Elixir in Vim

03/15/20191 Min Read — In DevTools, Vim, Elixir

Using (Neo)Vim is surprisingly enjoyable after the initial hurdle . Language support for Elixir also works fine in Vim. Plugins I use minpac as my package manager. VimCasts has a good introduction…

nnrepl Frustrations

03/03/20191 Min Read — In Clojure, Elixir

A few months ago I worked through the book Web Development with Clojure, 2nd Edition . The book was written in 2016 and some code is outdated. That was frustrating but I could get it to work by…

FFizzbuzz with Elixir

03/02/20191 Min Read — In Elixir

I'm reading Programming Elixir ≥ 1.6 right now and there are two interesting examples of coding Fizzbuzz . This is the output: Here the function upto is the trampoline for the function. It calls…

UUseful Elixir Learning Resources for the Beginner

02/22/20191 Min Read — In Elixir

I'm learning ELixix at the moment, to have some variety from coding in JavaScript. Elixir is a friendly, functional language with a syntax that is a bit similar to Ruby. This document gives a good…