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GGatsby Builds Take A Long Time

11/04/20191 Min Read — In React.js, JavaScript, Gatsby.js

When I started the blog, I wanted a quick solution that simply works . That's why I'm using a Gatsby Starter . I didn't want to fiddle around with my blog too much. I chose Gatsby because it's build…

LLearn About Gatsby Themes

07/08/20191 Min Read — In Lab, JavaScript, React.js, Gatsby.js

Yesterday I finished Introduction to Gatsby , a beginners course by Jason Lengstorf, hosted by Frontend Masters. Gatsby is a static site generator for JavaScript/React.js. It pre-builds your website…

AAdd RSS Feed to Gatsby

04/26/20191 Min Read — In JavaScript, Gatsby.js

Today I added a RSS feed to this blog. I'm not happy with it. This blog runs on Gatsby and uses mdx instead of Markdown. Adding a new plugin, the gatsby-plugin-feed , was easy. But it doesn't…