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2256color $TERM With st, tmux and fish

03/31/20191 Min Read — In DevTools, Linux

It can be difficult to get your terminal colors working correctly between your terminal emulator, tmux and your shell. st , tmux and fish shell sometimes don't play nice together when it comes to…

BBash and PATH

03/12/20191 Min Read — In DevTools, Linux

I was always confused about where to put my config for the bash shell on Linux. I shoved everything into ~./bashrc because that seemed to be the easiest solution. What is .bashrc ? .bashrc is a…

SSetting up Fish Shell With Unicode Glyphs

02/26/20191 Min Read — In DevTools, Linux

Fish Shell is an interactive and user-friendly command shell for all platforms. The default shell on Linux (and macOS?) is bash. But fish is much nicer. It looks better, it has great autocomplete…