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NNode.js Architecture

04/25/20191 Min Read — In Node.js, JavaScript

Two days ago I learned about Clean Architecture with Node.js . I still find it hard to create a well-designed program without polluting my business logic with implementation details. Today I found…

JJavaScript Development: Run Concurrently

04/14/20191 Min Read — In JavaScript, Node.js

With the npm package concurrently you can run more than one command inside the same terminal. This comes handy when you simultaneously develop your front end and your back end in one project. Let's…

EExpress.js: Send Responses

04/12/20191 Min Read — In JavaScript, Node.js

At some point, you have to send data from your back end (Node.js/ Express.js ) over the wire to your front end. Express makes it easy for you. Let's say you have a GET request to a resource on the…

EExpress.js Security Best Practices

04/10/20191 Min Read — In Node.js, JavaScript

Today I deployed a full-stack example app . It's a toy app for learning purposes. But it's still important to think about security. Unfortunately, it's a topic that most tutorials don't cover. Here…

HHeroku Deployment Pitfall: Bind to $PORT

02/19/20191 Min Read — In DevTools, Node.js

During development, you set a port that Node listens to. That doesn't work with Heroku because Heroku binds your port and you cannot set it yourself. You'll get an error: Web process failed to bind…