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SSetup OCaml With NeoVim

11/10/20191 Min Read — In Vim, DevTools, OCaml

How to use the NeoVim text editor as your Ocaml IDE I've always been interested in learning an ML language . But Haskell, the poster child of functional programming, has a high learning curve. OCaml…

HHow To Learn OCaml

11/09/20191 Min Read — In Lab, OCaml

A starting point for learning OCaml - a functional, type-safe, expressive, and battle-proven language Why OCaml? OCaml is an open-source functional, statically typed , and mature language. If you…

FFree Functional Programming Course With OCaml

11/07/20191 Min Read — In Lab, OCaml

Today I discovered a free MOOC for Functional Programming in OCaml . The course is offered by a French platform, FUN-MOOC . You can attend Introduction to Functional Programming in OCaml for…