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SSvelte.js: First Impressions

05/22/20191 Min Read — In JavaScript, Svelte.js

In the last two days, I started learning Svelte.js . I'm positively surprised. Svelte is easy , and it works. React 's abstraction level is high, especially if you mix in JSX. With Svelte, you stay…

VVim and Svelte.js

05/21/20191 Min Read — In Vim, JavaScript, Svelte.js

Yesterday I explained how you can add linting and formatting support for Svelte.js with ESLint and Prettier . But how can you integrate it into (Neo)Vim and ALE ? 1. Installation Follow the steps…

PPrettier and ESLint Setup for Svelte.js

05/20/20191 Min Read — In JavaScript, Svelte.js

1. Installation You need to install the following packages as dev dependencies: or 2. Configuration Create an .eslintrc file in your project root directory: If you want to know more about how to run…