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TTypeScript Node and TypeScript Deep Dive

04/04/20191 Min Read — In TypeScript

I still find it hard to get productive and hands-on experience with TypeScript. I understand the basics (they are not that hard anyway) but I'm not sure on how to use TS in a meaningful way. I'm going…

LLearning React TypeScript Patterns

04/01/20191 Min Read — In React.js, TypeScript

I'm learning TypeScript at the moment (as well as dabbling in other things like Elixir, React Hooks, GraphQL ...). But I find it hard to apply my knowledge. It's all fine and dandy to know what…

IInstalling Nvim-Typescript

03/16/20191 Min Read — In DevTools, Vim, TypeScript

Nvim-TypeScript adds TypeScript support for NeoVim. Why Nvim-TypeScript instead of Tsuquomi ? The author answers the question on github : tsuquyomi requires vimproc currently, which can be slow for…