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GGiving VSCode Another Try

06/26/20191 Min Read — In DevTools, Vim, VS Code

I've been reading posts on lately to stay up to date. I follow a few writers there, for example, Jaime González . Like me, Jaime is a big VIM fan and has even written two books about VIM…

VVS Code in the Cloud - Remote VS Code

03/29/20191 Min Read — In DevTools, VS Code

Although I'm currently a heavy Vim user, I still think that VS Code is one of the best editors available - and it's open-source and free to use. Traversy Media published a neat YouTube video…

VVS Code Key Binding Frustrations

03/28/20191 Min Read — In DevTools, VS Code, Vim

Today I switched back to the open-source editor Visual Studio Code . But I realized that I can now work better with Vim! I have my custom key bindings which flow naturally. You can edit settings in…

PPowerful Keymaps in VS Code Vim

03/11/20191 Min Read — In DevTools, Vim, VS Code

Today I learned that you can remap Vim keys with VS Code. In my NeoVim config I have some custom keybindings that I can now replicate with VS Code. The official VSCodeVim documentation has some…

VVS Code and Vim

03/10/20191 Min Read — In DevTools, Vim, VS Code

I'm slowly learning the power of Vim/NeoVim but the first steps are quite painful. If you're like me and would like to learn Vim gradually and still use VS Code in the meantime, you might want to take…