I’m test-driving a different browser right now: Brave.

Brave offers a fast browsing experience while being compatible with Chrome extensions.

The cost of switching a browser isn’t that high.

So, I installed the browser, but my default browser is still Chromium. How to change that?

Configure i3

i3 is my window manager. The configuration file lives in ~/i3/config.

For example, Manjaro i3 binds the F2 key to opening the browser:

bindsym $mod+F2 exec brave


It also helps to update XDG MIME Applications, so that your system knows what the defaults are.

Configure ~/.config/mimeapps.list and replace your old entries with brave.desktop.


You’ll also have to set the default browser in your bash profile. Go to ~/.profile and set this variable for all browser sessions that come from the terminal:

## Browser
export BROWSER="/usr/bin/brave"

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