Yesterday I went to my second MeetUp organized by Softwerkskammer Ruhrgebiet.

I met one of the co-organizers, Sandra. And it was totally cool to see another woman there. We also talked a little bit about how unfortunate it is that there are so few women in tech.

This Meetup’s talk was about DevOps and APIs. It was interesting to see the current API landscape and its pitfalls and how negligent design can have wide-reaching consequences.
The speakers suggested ideas on how to mitigate errors and bad design (hint: automate everything).
They see the future in autonomous APIs talking to each other and finding the relevant API services on their own, automatically adjusting their models.

Tyntec GmbH hosted the event and they have a nice, modern workspace. The company’s main language is English as they have offices in several countries. That’s so cool.

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