Yesterday I finished the course Build a Backend REST API with Python & Django - Advanced.

Here is my review:

Excellent course on TDD with Django.

I especially like how we use Docker and Travis CI to build a robust dev environment.

The instructor is easy to understand.

As this is an advanced course, he doesn’t go into too many details. But he provides links to further documentation and encourages you to build your knowledge on your own.

You should be quite familiar with Django and its idiosyncrasies before taking this course.

Maybe the course was too advanced for me, but I was hoping that the instructor would break down the concepts more. I would like to have an overview of what will be covered in the lecture, then a code explanation, and then coding. Instead, the instructor types at the same time as he codes which makes it a bit hard to follow along.

Other than that, I’m excited about what you can learn in this course.

It was fun to create the app and to see how it takes shape with TDD.

Kudos for tackling such advanced topics (TDD, Docker, etc.) in an Udemy course.

Here is the link again:
Build a Backend REST API with Python & Django - Advanced

And this is my learning repository where you can see the code:
Django Recipe API