In the last few weeks, I’ve upleveled my coding skills. I’ve been coding every day for at least an hour and I’ve finally taken the step to break out of tutorial hell.

Yes, I still learn with video tutorials. But after I’ve finished a tutorial, I rebuild the project on my own instead of relying on the assumption that I understood what I was doing.
This way, I identify the gaps in my understanding.

It can be so confusing to trying to learn web development. There are many concepts and also many resources, it’s easy to get lost in all the possibilities and not knowing what to learn.

And I realized that I’m now doing instead of trying. There is an excellent podcast episode with Dr. Bernhard Roth which explains the difference:
Doing is not the same as trying. Both have their own place.

If you’re trying to do something it might or might not happen. If you’re doing something you will make it happen, no matter what.

When people are DOING - obstacles don’t defeat them - they make it happen.

I’ve been coding for a while. Dabbling really. And it was fun and I wouldn’t miss it. And I’ve learned a lot. But was I serious about coding? Not really.

That’s ok. You can’t give 110% in every aspect of your life.

And it’s ok if things take time.