One of my current favorite resources for JavaScript is

This paid membership site provides tons of short video lessons for front-end developers.
The quality differs a bit. Some courses are quite thorough, but some just scratch the surface.

For example, Up and Running with TypeScript only offered a glimpse of what TypeScript can offer.

The Cycle.js Fundamentals course by framework creator André Staltz gives you a good understanding of what Cycle.js has to offer and how to use it. also comes with lots of free resources which they call [Community Resources]

Check out Brian Lonsdorf’s Professor Frisby Introduces Composable Functional JavaScript to see how you can do hard-core functional programming in JavaScript.

There are also some free courses for React, i.e. Kent C. Dodds’s The Beginner’s Guide to React.

I encourage you to check this site out, and at least take a glimpse at the free courses.