Here is a list of things I’m excited about and I’m currently learning or would like to learn:

  • Flutter for mobile development
  • a deep dive into Elixir and Phoenix (and Phoenix Liveview)
  • GraphQL
  • Full-stack TypeScript with Nest.js and TypeScript React
  • TypeScript best practices
  • ClojureScript re-frame
  • DDD with functional JavaScript and best practices
  • Docker
  • (more) React Hooks
  • Styled Components/getting better at CSS (Flexbox, Grid)

I’m currently concentrating on TypeScript and React mostly, with some stints in Elixir. I agreed to give a talk on Phoenix and LiveView at one of the local tech meetups.
I’m still new to Elixir and Phoenix. But I hope that this talk will be interesting to other attendees. It’s a niche topic, so it should hopefully offer something new to the others.
The organizers and I still have to iron out the details though. I’m excited about the prospect of giving back to the community.
My first experiences at tech meetups were exceptional and I love talking with people who have a passion for programming like I do.