I started my coding journey with the editor Sublime Text.

I then tried different editors, for example, Atom and brackets.

For Clojure, there was Lighttable. It is a beginner-friendly editor with built-in REPL.

In 2018, I switched to VS Code, because I heard so many good things.

And I must say, that VS Code is an excellent program. It offers a lot of features out of the box. And the community support is superb.

However, in 2019, I was bitten by the VIM bug. I was always interested in learning how it worked.

I’ve now totally switched to VIM, and I enjoy it.

But, if you’re a VS Code Fan, you might want to add some VIM functionality to your editor.

Jaime Gonzalez Garcia wrote a complete book about that:

Boost Your Coding Fu with VS Code and Vim is a free online book. Or you can buy it as electronic copy on the author’s website.

For me, the speed of pure Vim is superior, and I now have to work around VS Code to get the most out of my editor. Thus, I don’t use VS Code anymore.