I’ve been reading posts on dev.to lately to stay up to date.

I follow a few writers there, for example, Jaime González. Like me, Jaime is a big VIM fan and has even written two books about VIM.

Jaime doesn’t use VIM or NeoVim out of the box but customizes VSCode to use VIM keybindings.

I’m happy with VIM. It’s blazingly fast, and editing in modal mode is powerful. But some convenience features like automatic imports, re-factoring help, etc. are missing. You also have to customize VIM to your liking, as nothing comes out of the box.

While this allows you to craft your specialized developer environment, it can become tiresome after a while.

That’s why I' willing to give VSCode another try. VSCode offers a lot of features already baked-in. And due to its popularity, you can easily install plugins that provide additional support.

If you’d like to know more about how to use VIM and VS Code, you can check out Boost Your Coding Fu With VSCode and Vim (free to read online).

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