Here are some quick notes on the video How to build any kind of app in Flutter (and overcome Tutorial Hell) by Andrea Bizzotto.

Learn solid fundamentals first.

Try to pinpoint the most challenging features. Read the documentation and create a mental map of the features you need.

Build one feature at a time.

Find tutorials and examples for a feature, experiment with the code, re-assemble it.

Instead of searching for more tutorials, improve the existing solution with what you learned from the documentation.

Every app is different, and you will always encounter things you don’t know. Don’t focus on “how to build app X”.

Focus on the fundamental techniques and design patterns for building (mobile) apps.

Don’t copy-paste code, ask yourself:

  • is this answer a good match?
  • does it fit well in my code?
  • do I need to tweak/rewrite this code?
  • will it work for all edge cases?
  • do I understand this code completely?

Aim for deeper knowledge.