Here are short bullet points on the talk How to Think.

André Staltz - How to Think - Uphill Conf 2019

  • mind map as a data structure
  • thinking as an algorithm
  • have a structure for your thoughts
  • humans imitate each other
  • humans have limited working memory
  • avoid blindly imitating each other, give new ideas at least 10 seconds to think about
  • acknowledge your feelings
  • improve your memory with tools (put your thoughts on paper)
  • debugging = investigating
  • deduction
  • git bisect
  • induction: make a good guess
  • backtracking: question everything
  • brainstorming
  • documentation: code that instruct humans
  • think slowly and methodically
  • be aware of your biases, feelings, and limitations
  • specialize, but keep learning