I’ve been using the Helix editor for a while now.

At first I was confused by how the word motions worked but overall it was a good experience.

Helix’s biggest selling point is that it works right away. Setting up LSP support is very easy since no plugins are needed.

Helix also has multiple cursors which I’ve come to like for editing multiple lines comfortably. In Vim you can work around it but I prefer how Helix makes it easy.


Helix can’t beat Vim for me.

There are many things I love about Vim like ranges, inserting the result of a command as text and other small things.

Vim has thousands of little tricks that make it really powerful. While the learning curve is steep, once you master it you have a powerful tool at your hand.

I haven’t reached that level with Helix and don’t think I will.

That’s not to say Helix is a bad editor. It just isn’t right for my needs.