Today I listened to a React Podcast episode where Michel Weststrate was a guest. He talked about state management, MobX, and Immer, his new library.

Listening to talk like these, and the ideas behind JavaScript libraries and software architecture make me insanely happy.
I’m excited about learning such concepts and how they play out in web development.
It’s also humbling to realize how much I still don’t know.

I’ve been thinking about how to build and structure a front-end React app. React allows you lots of freedom. But all the options can lead to poor code quality.

At this stage of my programming skills, I prefer opinionated frameworks/libraries. For a beginner, it’s easier to maintain code quality and to build robust apps, if the authors give you clear guidelines.

One example is NestJS. It follows SOLID principles and enforces a specific structure with different layers (controllers, services, repositories, etc.).

For now, I’ll read more about different state management libraries and RxJs.

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