I use Visual Studio Code as my main editor at the moment. It offers great in-built features and because of its popularity, you can also enhance it with many plugins.

I love it. I used Sublime Text before, but as of 2019, it can’t hold a candle to VS Code.

And then… Vim???

Vim is ubiquitous. It’s on every Linux machine and I can easily use it with my Raspberry Pi computers.

Editing with Vim is quite powerful after an initial painful phase. It’s faster than using normal keybindings to copy, paste, delete and move around lines.

I hope I can use Vim as a “lingua franca” - even if I can’t use a specific editor on another machine/at work, I can still use Vim.

For now, I will stick to VSCode with Vim keybindings.
I’m definitely not using the advanced features of Vim but even so, I already like it.

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