This blog post shows my notes from the PDF “Learning to Learn Effectively“ by Jovica Ilic.

The PDF is a bonus for the Mastering Vim Quickly product. The document clocks in at 19 pages and is a quick read with some learning tips.

I only recorded the essential key takeaways:


  • strive for change


  • mini-habits
  • measure everything
  • track progress visually

Learning Principles

  • learning is learnable
  • take care of yourself (hydrate, breaks, concentration spans, sleep)
  • teach someone else
  • change your mindset (expect to replay it back)
  • expect to teach it (or write about it in a blog post without checking out the original learning resource)
  • identify gaps in your knowledge
  • implement right away (take action): “Which three things can I learn and put into action right away?”
  • take breaks (when your brain gets distracted, it’s time for rest)
  • nap