I got bitten by the Vim bug at the beginning of March. I can’t exactly remember why and how.

I spent some frustrating first days with this editor. I switched back and forth between (Neo)Vim and VS Code with Vim keybindings.

I invested hours of research and practice to change my NeoVim config.

Perhaps it would have been more useful to stick to VS Code.


But I love Vim. Using text objects, the different modes and the right plugins feels very powerful.

That said, VS Code works out of the box. You can tweak it to your liking. But in the end, everything is already set up nicely for the average user. I still have several plugins for languages, convenience features, etc., but the defaults are acceptable.

Pure (Neo)Vim, on the other hand, is hardcore. Without a dedicated effort to customize it to your needs, it’s too awkward. You have to configure your vimrc until it fits your workflow.

After some days of using NeoVim, I already have a nice setup. And I haven’t even touched on many of the inbuilt features.

I could never fine-tune my VS Code setup like that. (Maybe I wouldn’t need to.)

But for the moment, I realize that I don’t want to miss out on Vim’s editing capabilities. The combination of setting up my own keybindings, choosing my own plugins and modal editing is mindblowing.

If you are willing to spend the considerable effort to learn Vim.