Notes from the Twitch stream with Francesco Ciulla and Nacho Iacovino (1 hour 17 mins): How to become a better Developer | with Nacho Iacovino

Nacho Iacovino is a self-taught developer from Spain who grew his Twitter account in a short time.

Here are some tips that he shared.

Coding interviews: He learned from each interview. Even if you can’t answer a question, you can go home, research, and then you can answer the question on the next interview. It’s a process.
You also need to interview the company.

Marketing/Followers: Nacho made some useful Twitter threads and pinged the influential Twitter accounts for feedback (no spam, no selling, add value), hit a niche (Tailwind CSS).
Engage with bigger account. Add value to other people’s tweets. Use common sense.
Choose one platform and be consistent.

Becoming a better developer: He quit JavaScript twice before he managed to become a developer full-time. Be consistent. You might not have 6 hours a day to learn to code, but at least do a little bit every day.
Find the best way that works for you (video, tutorials, books).
Don’t copy a tutorial verbatim, try to experiment, embrace breaking the application and find out how to fix it. Challenge yourself.

Portfolio: Show what you’re capable of. Udemy project clones are dimes and dozens, make it your own. Make it easy for others to contact you.
Show the newest work first. Be concise. Say where you’re based, so it’s easy to see if the company can hire you.

Learn in Public: Nacho shared what he learned publicly on Twitter. People were reaching out to him, because they knew what he learned.
Be your own teacher. What you write down you can use later.