I’m not sure how it happened. But a while ago, I agreed to hold a tech talk. 😱

Today, I was able to prepare for the talk. I woefully underestimated the amount of work!

I now have a new appreciation for all the speakers.


I decided to use Remark.js to create slides from a Markdown file. With the CLI tool backslide you can easily automate the process.

I found it painless to create decent-looking slides with minimal effort.


Dan Abramov wrote a three-part series about Preparing for a Tech Talk. It offers a useful guideline. You should read it.

Tone and Content

My talk will be about ReasonML.
The goal for my talk is to give an introduction to ReasonReact and ReasonML. But I also want to convey my enthusiasm for the language.

Functional programming is great, and ReasonReact is an enjoyable alternative to JavaScript.

So far, my outline and preliminary slides don’t show that. They are quite dry.
I still have to revise my approach to make the talk more engaging.

Imposter Syndrome

I’m a beginner programmer with no professional experience as a coder.
It will be a challenge to hold a talk for people who work as developers. Most of them know more than me.

Luckily, the talk will be about my experiences, too. So it’s a talk that only I can do.

Moving Forward

I’m looking forward to the meetup. The community is very friendly.

The repository for Write Type-Safe React Applications with Reason is available online, and I will continue working on it.