This is a reminder for me to focus more.

I easily get distracted by Twitter, Email or Discord.

Cal Newport wrote a book about the topic: Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World. (Here’s a summary by Derek Sivers.)

I’m notoriously bad at focusing. I sometimes wonder if that comes from having children.

My daughters constantly interrupt me. That’s life. It is also the reason why I’m not a huge fan of “work from home”.
WFH during the pandemic was rather “work from home, home-school at the same time, and also care for the bored kindergarden child”.
While you still get work done, I’m more productive at the office when I don’t have to be a caregiver at the same time.

The Pomodoro technique, a famous time-boxing method, might be one method to bring more structure and focus. It does not help much with external distractions, though.

tomato image credit: Avin CP

I’m going to give the Pomodoro method a try in the next days.