Let’s say I have some static files I want to serve.

For example, a React app or a Svelte app.

Create Svelte App

Let’s use the Svelte template:

npx degit sveltejs/template svelte-app
cd svelte-app
npm install

Now we need to create a production build:

npm run build

The command will create an optimized build in the public folder.

Create Deno Server

Install Deno.

We’ll use the third-party module Abc to create a simple web server.

Let’s create a new file. Name it mod.ts or mod.js. We don’t add any types, so it doesn’t matter if you use vanilla JavaScript or TypeScript:

import { Application } from ''

const app = new Application()

app.static('/', 'public').file('/', 'public/index.html').start({ port: 8080 })

app.static registers a new route on the root path and serves files from the public folder.

app.file serves the actual HTML file.

app.start starts the server on port 8080.

Documentation is available on

Now you can run the file with Deno. You have to specify the permissions you give Deno:

deno run --allow-net="" --allow-read mod.ts

You have to allow network access on your local host with the port. Deno must also be able to read the static files you want to serve.

Further Reading