TIL: How to Create Full Text RSS Feed for Hugo

Who wants to read an incomplete RSS feed that forces you to open the original website? Hugo is the static site generator that powers my blog. Hugo ships with a default RSS template which only shows a summary of your articles. If you want to read the full content, you’ll need to visit the website. That sucks. I want to create a full-text RSS feed for my blog. Template Lookup Order We’ll need to create a modified RSS template.
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Create a Post Template in Hugo

Hugo offers the ability to create template files for your project. These Archetypes will make your life easier by pre-filling a blog post for you. How To Create A New Template In your Hugo project, create a new Markdown file in the archetypes folder in the project directory, for example, archetypes/posts.md. Here’s a template that creates a new draft post with the current date in a specified format. For the title section we parse the filename and use a regular expression to convert dashes to whitespace.
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Move To Hugo With Netlify

I’ve moved this blog from Gatsby.js to Hugo. My build times have gone down from more than 7 minutes to a few seconds! The slow build times with Gatsby have been an ongoing concern for me. I’ve slowly been creeping towards Netlify’s free 300-minutes-build-time cap. Hugo runs a magnitude faster, and it integrates well with Netlify. Hugo is a static site generator built with Golang. The project’s selling points are incredible speed, ease of use, and the ability to configure tons of settings.
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Deploy Hugo Extended to Netlify: For Use with SASS/SCSS

The official Hugo Docs do a very good job at guiding you through the installation of Hugo, the static site generator written in Golang. Setting up a local version of Hugo turned out to be a smooth experience (on Manjaro Linux/Arch Linux). But as always, hosting and deployment can throw a wrench into the works. My landing page website is built with Hugo Extended 0.54, ships to a private Gitlab repo and automatically deploys to Netlify, a hosting provider with tons of other features (free SSL certificates, automatic deployments, CDN, etc.
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Netlify Hugo Sass Error

Yesterday I was working on my portfolio site. A local copy of Hugo, the static site generator written in Golang, worked fine on my machine. But when I tried to deploy the site to Netlify, the builds failed with an error: failed to transform resource: TOCSS: failed to transform "css/main.tmp.css" (text/x-sass): this feature is not available in your current Hugo version The reason? My website template uses Sass and PostCSS. This only works with the extended version of Hugo.
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