I finished The Complete Web Developer in 2019: Zero to Mastery course a few days ago. I skipped some sections (HTML, CSS) which I plan to refresh later. Especially my CSS Grid and responsive design skills are shaky.

Things I learned or relearned:

  • DOM manipulations
  • Taychons, a CSS library
  • React (which I supplemented with Tyler McGinnis’s course)
  • Node.js & Express
  • PostgreSQL and how to integrate it into Node.js
  • deployment of Node.js and PostgreSQL to Heroku

Things that are surprisingly tricky:

  • React setState() (it’s asynchronous)
  • generating the correct HTML and event listeners with JavaScript (JSX or hyperscript-helpers)
  • where, when and how to fetch data from an API and how to hand it down to other parts of your app

Things that I definitely don’t know yet:

  • Testing
  • GraphQL (but I’m doing the GraphQL Bootcamp right now)
  • advanced use of Node.js
  • Redux (although the mostly functional app that I created uses the same basic principles)
  • Typescript/Flow
  • how to harden security
  • Authentication: OAuth or JSON Web Tokens
  • good graphic design, accessibility, UX
  • tons of other concepts that I’m not even aware of

I enjoyed this course.

It covered the major concepts without getting lost in too many details. The instructor gave advice on where you can go deeper. He focussed on the essentials and gave you a solid foundation. It is a fast-paced course which suits me fine.

I still have lots to learn but that will never stop.