1. Nest.js

I’m still smitten with Nest.js, a Node.js framework with TypeScript support.

Here are some resources to get started with Nest.js.

  1. Vim vs. VS Code

I’m giving VS Code another chance. So far, I’m not amused. I’m already too accustomed to my VIM workflow , and it’s a hassle to set up all my preferred key mappings.

Some plugins offer excellent language support out of the box (e.g., I can configure which linter I would like to use for Python in the GUI settings). But as I’ve already set everything to my liking in VIM, I don’t see the benefit at the moment.

  1. Python and Graphene

I’m also trying out building a Python GraphQL back end with Graphene. I enjoy Python, and I would like to know more about how to use it for web development.

  1. Gatsby.js

Additionally, I’m also looking at Gatsby.js and how it could be useful for building React-based projects.