I still find it hard to get productive and hands-on experience with TypeScript.

I understand the basics (they are not that hard anyway) but I’m not sure on how to use TS in a meaningful way.

I’m going through different recources (Frontend Masters, egghead.io, Udemy, etc.) and I recently found a useful Udemy course that’s suitable for beginners:

Backend API with Node, Express & TypeScript - Fast Track

This is a beginner’s course on Node development with TypeScript. You need to have some basic TypeScript knowledge as the author explains TypeScript “on the go” without going into details on what types, interfaces, etc. are.
Instead he focusses on explaining how Node.js and Express work and does an outstanding job in this area.

Along the way you learn how to model middleware, json data, and other things with TypeScript.

You can normally buy Udemy courses for around 10 Euros when they have a sale (which is quite often).

Other than that, I’m going through the free ebook TypeScript Deep Dive.

Does anyone have good recommendations on how to build resilient web app with TypeScript? Tweet Me?