I finished my first round of #100DaysOfCode!

First immediate reaction:

Let’s do something more useful.

Perhaps I’ve been doing it wrong. I didn’t have a particular goal in mind. I just love coding and learning to program.
I would have done something coding-related anyways. The challenge didn’t help me with motivation.

I enjoyed the hashtag on Twitter: #100DaysOfCode. It’s great to see so many people enthusiastic about coding.

It’s also nice to see a public log of my progress.
But I have my private log, so it’s also not something entirely new.

Looking back, I already had the system in place to achieve a consistent coding habit. Thus, I didn’t benefit from the #100DaysOfCode challenge as much as others.

For me, the challenge might have been more useful, if I had committed to a specific target (i.e., create a full-stack Elixir app with CRUD capacities).