I finished my first round of #100DaysOfCode! First immediate reaction: Let’s do something more useful. Perhaps I’ve been doing it wrong. I didn’t have a particular goal in mind. I just love coding and learning to program. I would have done something coding-related anyways. The challenge didn’t help me with motivation. I enjoyed the hashtag on Twitter: #100DaysOfCode. It’s great to see so many people enthusiastic about coding. It’s also nice to see a public log of my progress.
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#100DaysOfCode - a Recap After 15 Days

I did some work on algorithm challenges and data structures, but am now back to coding a Javascript/Node app called feedbacky. I learned about authentication with Google OAuth using Passport-Next. Passport-Next is an updated fork of the popular Passport.js package that has become stale. Authentication and deployment with Google OAuth, MongoDB (Mongo Atlas) and Heroku are extremely error-prone. Either the routes are wrong, the credentials/environmental variables, or maybe the dependencies. Heroku doesn’t deploy dev dependencies.
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I started the #100DaysOfCode a few days ago. The challenge sounds like a fun way to log my progress and participate in a greater community. The idea behind the challenge is to code at least for an hour every day. I’m doing that anyway, so why not give my efforts an official name? I’m still diligently working on Javascript and learning new ways to organize my code and to write solid frontend projects.
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