I started the #100DaysOfCode a few days ago.

The challenge sounds like a fun way to log my progress and participate in a greater community.

The idea behind the challenge is to code at least for an hour every day. I’m doing that anyway, so why not give my efforts an official name?

I’m still diligently working on Javascript and learning new ways to organize my code and to write solid frontend projects.

I’m following the Dev Mastery Youtube channel to get weekly tips on how to become better at design and architecture. Additionally, I use the principles from this Functional Javascript course to build projects without frameworks like React or Vue. With Javascript, Ramda, Hyperscript, Virtual Dom and Webpack you can get almost the same functionalities as React without all the overhead. At least for toy projects, this toolset is enough.

You can find an example of this style on Github. You can also test the Functional Movie Search Demo.

For the end of the month, I’m excited about Jacek Schae’s new learn re-frame course. I’m a big fan of ClojureScript and Clojure and have had a positive experience with Reagent, the React wrapper for cljs.
What is Reagent? Think Redux for ClojureScript React projects - but with the coolness of a LISP.

I also finished The Complete Web Developer in 2019: Zero to Mastery course this week. But I would like to create my own full-stack app to deepen my understanding.